Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm always trying to find an alternative to water that is sugar free and unleaded. In case you are, too, here are my two latest favs. Delicious, and in the medium-price range.

African Red Tea

Red tea is supposedly all sorts of good for the body. I first had this at the Ole Henriksen salon and loved it so much, I was convinced it would be out of my price range. Lucky me, only $5 for 20 bags.

Republic of Tea

This Daily Green Tea Honey Ginseng is sugar free, and helps me when I get that sweet tooth urge. The honey flavor really comes through. $9 for 50 bags.

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Meg said...

If you can find inexpensive genmaicha (sp?), it's fabulous. A very light green tea with toasted rice -- I adore that stuff.