Tuesday, June 02, 2009


Big Sister:

"Hey, remember how three different guys fell asleep when you screened THE COMMUNE for them at our house? Aren't you worried the whole audience will do that at 1 am?
Especially after we've given them alcohol at the benefit?"


Well, I WASN'T....


changapeluda said...

we thought about that, too....which is why we are alternating the driving and taking naps in the car on 3.5 hour drive!

i'm getting sooo excited!

i just hope my paypal paid the right pal

Lynda said...

HAHAHAHA! Big sisters are there to help!

Give them an alcohol limit. ;)

Kid Sis said...

I know, I'm SOOOO taking a nap beforehand...Brenda last night was like "The second those lights go down, you and me are going to be snoring..."

Make sure you email Bren to check up on your tix! BrendaFies (at) aol

changapeluda said...

hullo! i am at the friggin' internet cafe on La Brea finding out where in hollywoodland your movie is showing exactly -

how up to the minute and excited i am,
Brenda's frontin' me an extra ticket even!
...woo hooo

Kid Sis said...

Were you there?? Did I meet you???? I hope so!!!!!!!!! Email me...