Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What's on people's minds?

Just curious what you're out there thinking about, stewing over, laughing's your summer so far??

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Rowan said...

I guess no one is doing anything or doesn't want to talk about what they are doing. Me? Started a 29 day journey to Europe on June 23rd in London with the Final Cut Pro SuperMeet, then 6 days in Paris catching up on sleep and visiting friends. Went to the tiny village of Lannion, France, to attend the Tregor Film Festival which managed to get shut down by the local authorities because their cinema managed to get a judge to rule against them on Friday evening. Very suspicious and a little scary with the cops there and organizers thinking they might be jailed (much more to this story). But the upside was we all went to the beach and had a grand time together in Brittany. Then sailed to Ireland overnight July 5th and took buses to the Galway Film Festival, where I am now. Lots and lots of Irish films. All nicely supported by the Irish Film Board or some other agency that lets their citizens made shorts & features at no cost to themselves. And, some of them are good! (Pardon the snarkiness of that!) Tomorrow, Sunday, it's off to Belfast overnight then I sail to Scotland where I'm attending the 2nd Annual Film & Philosophy conference at the University of Dundee. Finally back home July 22nd. What's great about this kind of travel is how it gets you out of the known and familiar, so I'm filled with many great ideas. Hope to see The Commune when I get back. I've been lurking about the great reviews you're getting and am thrilled for you! As they say here, It's Grand.