Thursday, June 18, 2009

50 movie posters from Berlin

Breathtaking collection. They distill each movie down to the id.

I want some Jungian Berlin artist to interpret THE COMMUNE!!!

On second thought, maybe I don't... ;)

UPDATE: Or Poland and Polish artists, as Ray helpfully pointed out. Have I mentioned my fever still hasn't gone away? And apologies to fabulous Barbara Stepansky, the one person I know from Poland.


japhy99 said...

Great posters.

And sad that US audiences wouldn't get them. At all.

Ray said...

Lis, less bratwurst, more kielbasa or less Fassbinder , more Wajda
(Those are Polish posters)

Kid Sis said...

Japhy99, yeah.

Ray, Well you know I likes me bratwurst and kielbasa! I don't discriminate, as long as it's 7 inch...oh, never mind.