Sunday, June 14, 2009

This is how you make a movie

Sorry, kids. Your father's STAR TREK was better.

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan
Space opera on a grand scale. Everything from the classic story structer, directing, acting to the score are pitch perfect. Genuine emotion and universal human issues are at stake here (friendship, fatherhood, death, revenge, responsibility, mentorship), and that is what makes this movie timeless. Families will enjoy it for decades to come, long after the latest special effects bonanza has faded from the local multiplex.

The screenwriters did an expert job of giving each character a fantastic moment built from their established storylines on the series, without being an irritating wink that detracts from the current story. Yet you needn't be a Star Trek fan to understand and love this movie. "How we face death is at least as important as how we face life...I was wrong about you and I'm sorry...I'm very proud to be your son." Even the eye candy addition of Kirstie Allie is a fleshed-out character who fits integrally into the plot and is given beautiful, genuine interactions with our stalwart crew.

Elegant, humanist, exciting, and moving. One of my few picks to take to a desert island, and the very definition of a five star film.

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