Friday, May 08, 2009

Okee dokey smokeys!

No more QT hush-hush's the scoop, sugars!

THE COMMUNE feature film will make its world premier at the prestigious DANCES WITH FILMS film festival. Opening night.

From our acceptance notification:

"It will screen in the very coveted position of Friday, June 5th at Midnight!"


They like us! They really really like us!

You ready to party Rocky Horror-style? Better start napping now, fogies...then pop a Red Bull and head to the 'mune. It's going to be INSANE.

Info about DWF...on the record.

Los Angeles, California - USA
June 5 to 11, 2009

The Hollywood Reporter raves that the DWF is "the defiant fest of Raw Talent."

"Here you will find more genuinely encouraging vital signs from the American independent movement than could be detected in all of Park City this last January."
- LA Weekly

Simply put, DANCES WITH FILMS (DWF) is one of the last, best film festivals dedicated to introducing unknown works to the film industry. Located in the heart of Hollywood, DWF provides a rare opportunity to fully engage critics, film professionals and audiences. And while other festivals depend on stars to attract audiences, DWF films are handpicked in strict accordance to quality, and quality alone.

This defiant code of independence has earned DWF solid respect and street credibility through its eleven years of existence. Consequently, an impressive array of distribution companies as well as film and television development departments cover DWF each year to see what's new and different, and who is truly going places in the indie world.

DWF offers Canon HD cameras and other prizes, including cash awards of up to $9,000 USD. Still, the 900 filmmakers who have taken part in the Festival since its inception insist that the best prize is to be a DWF alum. Film artists like Will Scheffer and Mark Olsen (HBO'S "Big Love") have premiered at DWF, and actors like Kathryn Morris ("Cold Case"), Kevin Rankin ("Friday Night Lights"), and director John Putch ("Ugly Betty", "Scrubs") have all started out with DWF films.

No Politics. No Stars. No Sh*t.

The press and public love the Festival, as do the filmmakers who have attended and benefited from the energy and connections that result. DWF alums - and "Big Love" creators - Mark Olsen and Will Scheffer give seriously high praise: "DWF manages to keep its focus on heart and soul while still putting small films on the map." And writer/filmmakers Steve Coulter and Dee Wagner - part of Tyler Perry's wildly successful team - gratefully declare that "Not only was DancesWithFilms the hands-down coolest festival we went to, but simply put, it launched our film. It definitely upped our pedigree in the industry and opened many doors for us. We signed a deal to distribute our short, ETIQUETTE MAN, as a direct result of the screening at the Festival."

A HUGE thanks to everyone for your continued support...we couldn't have done it without you!!!!

See you June 5th on the bigscreen!!!!


changapeluda said...

you are now
too legit to quit

i don't even know you per se
(in the biblical sense or whatnot)

but i am Very proud of you.
this is some awesome shit
happening for you!
good deal - hey, you're the midnite special
shinin' your everlovin light
y todo!

Kid Sis said...

Thank you!!! :)