Wednesday, May 13, 2009

You SOOO have plans Friday June 5th....

By a cool twist of fate, good friend and luminous actor Brea Grant ALSO has a feature making its World Premiere at Dances With FIlms film the 9:30 time slot right before ours!!!! How FREAKING COOL is THAT??!!!!

Her movie is CORPSE RUN, written and directed by John-Michael Thomas. Though it sounds like a horror movie (we should switch titles!), it actually looks like a twenty-something BIG CHILL...Check out the trailer and a scene from it here at their site.

So now you have to come out for a double feature!!!!

Looks like Brea was reaaaally hurting there, being the only chick in a shoot filled with yummy men...

1 comment:

John Michael said...

*cough cough* It's actually our LA Premiere =P

Hope to see you at the fest, come find me!