Friday, May 22, 2009

I love London!

Having such a blast doing all my computer work for the festival over here...I get to watch my friend's DVD collection, and when I pop out for food I'm in the tony Westminster's working out smashingly!

Lots of fun things working out for the premiere and the movie in general...more announcements soon!


changapeluda said...

Is it foggy?

i can almost hear Judy Garland singing
about that....

if only i didn't have
LL Cool J
stuck in ma brain

yes. Mama's Gonna Knock you Out

Hugo Fuchs said...

Why do I have images of you belting out Mary Poppins songs?

Kid Sis said...

first two days showered, then gorgeous!

Currently sunburnt in Paris, (hot and muggy but gorgeous) and a thunderstorm just started!

No Judy Garland...definitely been singing tuppence a bag....!