Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Meme me

Okay. I hate memes. I don't do memes. Mainly because, well, I have an MA in Media Studies and I know the true definition of meme, and it AIN'T CHAIN BLOGGING. Sigh.
But when Bill Cunningham come a'knockin', I answer. This is for you, my mad-pulp bastard brother:

What was your earliest film-related memory?
"Star Wars" at a drive-in theatre. Must've been all of three or four years old.

Name two favorite lines from movies:
"You wanted to tussel. We tusseled." Karen Sisco, "Out of Sight" Also a top ten fav character. Yes, I own a steel baton just like hers. Effin' rocks.

"I love my homosexual son. My son's gay and I love him!" - "Heathers" The ultimate revenge on those damn high school jocks.

And just for kicks: "Sex Machine. Pleased to meet'cha." - "From Dusk to Dawn" Come on now people. Hard pressed to think of a better character introduction, between that line and the revolver cod piece. Tarantino is my god.

Jobs you'd do if you could not work in the "biz"
-- Theatre with kids
-- Own a comic book shop
-- Make a tv show for kids that's downloadable on the internet (there's more than one way to be in the biz)

Name four jobs you actually have held outside the industry:
-- filled orders for Eclipse Comics
-- Assistant to a Playmate running an architectural design firm (how I learned my skills for small S Corps)
-- Programmed a series of CD-ROMs for an insurance corporation estimated to bring in $400 million in customers. Yes, I was underpaid and laid-off immediately afterwards.
-- Registered voters outside a Food 4 Less.

Three book authors I like:
Dave Sedaris
Tom Robbins
Kurt Vonnegut

Name two movies you would like to remake or properties you'd like to adapt:
Sure. Let me hand-off all my million dollar ideas.

Name one screenwriter you think is underrated:
Geez, if you'd asked me overrated two days ago I would have said David Mamet, but I just fell in love with "Spartan."

Underrated. Hmmm. Gotta go with Jesse Peretz of "The Chateau" or Karen Walton of "Ginger Snaps". And Hal Hartley doesn't seem to get a lot of love. What's up with that? Another fab writer who seems like he should have more attention is Drew Goddard. I freak out whenever I see he's written a TV episode because I know it's going to be Emmy-worthy, yet ignored. Okay, and I'll namedrop a new friend because he's a legend in my mind: Michael Reaves. My childhood would not have been the same without his brilliance.

Three people I'm tagging to answer this meme next:
Otis Frampton
And one more because I hate rules: Lynne


Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

"Assistant to a Playmate running an architectural design firm?"

Is that a "playmate" as in childhood friend from the sandbox -- lowercase "p" -- or a "Playmate" -- capital "P" -- as in employee of Mr. Hefner?

I know, I know, cheap typo-joke, couldn't resist.


Bill Cunningham said...

I'm just glad you didn't call me your "mad-pulp bastard UNCLE."

Kid Sis said...

MIM, yes, as in July 1984. Her big "help" with my career was she wanted to get me a Hef audition if I lost five pounds; like I hadn't just graduated as a women's studies major. Thank zeus over roads not taken...

Bill, too? Have I offended thee?

Kid Sis said...

MIM, she was also one of the last Bunnies, and I believe one of the only Bunnies to overcome that hurdle to become a Playmate.

Fun Joel said...

Hey, you know I have my MA in Media Studies from the same school as you do, baby, but I also recognize the mutability of language!

Still, thanks for playing. Would you have objected less if I had originally named it the Scribosphere Chain Questionnaire, or some such? ;-)

MaryAn Batchellor said...

A plastic surgeon examined me after a bad car wreck about 20 years ago. I needed my nose repaired. I walked into his office and almost turned around because right there on the coffee table was an assortment of Playboy magazines. Hmm. Grow up, I thought to myself. So I stayed.

As soon as the guy finished examining my nose, he said I needed a breast reduction and told me to take my shirt off and hop up on the table so he could examine me.

True story.

Kid Sis said...

FJ, I get mutability. But I also get grumpy when the most powerful word/concept in my field gets co-opted and reduced to a chainletter. That kind of mutability is a Fight the Machine situation. But thanks for the SCQ questions, via Bill.

Maryan, yowza. Darn instincts are always right, eh? Think that ever actually works for guys like that? At least it wasn't a breast enlargement...those inane comments tend to stick with you, no matter who says them...

Kid Sis said...

Ah, fear not. Just heard through a friend of his that Drew Goddard is being taken care of, Hollywood-style. Good for him (and us fans).

Kid Sis said...

By the by, how funny was Srubs last night?!

Bill Cunningham said...

My attempt at humor, which like my dancing skill has gone largely unnoticed.

Your mad pulp bastard,


Lynne said...

I'll do my best...but be patient with me cuz I'm not a Hollywood whiz kid like yous guys.

I'll definitely show my age, but here goes:

Earliest film-related memory: Seeing Mary Poppins in it's opening run at age a tiny little town theatre.

Favorite lines:
"Sometimes being a bitch is all a woman has to hold on to."
- DOLORES CLAIBORNE (Kathy Bates) in Dolores Claiborne (1995)

"Help me! Help me" (said in tiny voice) from the original "The Fly"

Jobs I'd do: (are these really jobs, or just ambitions?)
sidewalk chalk artist
graffiti artist
dog walker

Jobs I've had
answered phones at a car dealer (yikes!)
worked an ice cream and popsicle production line
opened the mail at a newspaper office that was addressed to Ann Landers (and then properly forwarded it to Ann...seriously...I was supposed to open it!)

AA Milne
Richard Bach
Bernie Siegle, MD

Movies to remake:
hmmm.....don't have a clue

Underrated screenwriters:
I don't know this either, but I'm going to check out the people Sis mentioned

People I'm tagging:
3 friends, but they don't have blogs.. I'm the only one I know who into reading blogs

Thanks for letting me be the I gotta go write on my blog so I don't seem so boring!! :)

Fun Joel said...

MOST powerful word/concept in the field? Wow! You think?

Lynne said...

scrubs always it

glad they're finally back!

Anonymous said...

BTW, what's a meme? And can non-industry people answer this survey, too?


Kid Sis said...

Damn word verification thingie.

BC, ah, got it! Now who told you you can't dance? I think everyone should dance no matter what they look liked doing it! And I know I owe you a drive-by; I'll call tomorrow.

FJ, you challenging my intelligence now as well as my height? I'm still an UBER Amazon, and like Supes I don't lie.

Lynne and Mark, as far as I'm concerned I want to hear from everyone! Whatever Fun Joel intended when he started it, we're mutating into the public now, baby! Trust me, non-spec-writers are much more interesting people to hear from anyway. Diversity=good. Too many writers are shut-ins who only talk to other writers (right, writers?)

MIM, previous
Meme definitions,
halfway down page (hit the "show original post" link so the whole thing makes sense).

Lynne, Nurse Sis' fav movie is Mary Poppins. Is that where the sidewalk chalk drawing ambition comes from? And Ann Landers' mail? V. cool. Don't know why you'd think you're not.

Kid Sis said...

Wow. I could totally convince people I'm dating Drew Goddard. Add another cylon copy to the list.

I'm so unoriginal.

Lynne said...

No, the sidewalk chalk drawing didn't actually come from watching Mary Poppins, but it just looks cool...and the thought that the art exists for just a small amount of time before it's walked or washed away....

I should do that in the spring, there are some nice concrete areas near my aparment that would be great to work in.... so what if people think I'm nuts!

Anonymous said...


Ahhh. Deep.

:) MIM