Monday, January 16, 2006

Geek Goddesses

Okay, so I've heard on and off from some of my male readers that there aren't any other available women like me in LA. Just so you know? So not true. I spent Friday night swapping music CDs and watching pirated Dr. Who and Battlestar Galactica with three other pretty, talented, driven geek girls working successfully in the film industry. All single, all wonderful. So there.

Methinks I need to start a dating service for sci-fi/comic/movie fans.

"A beautiful girl...who loves comics — I didn’t even know they existed."
"It's like finding a unicorn Zach, it’s like finding a really hot unicorn."

- Zach and Seth talk comics with Reed, The O.C. - "Rager" episode


LeMorse said...

Okay Okay! So do I have to move to L.A. to find a girl like you? Or even just you!

Bill Cunningham said...

"Methinks I need to start a dating service for sci-fi/comic/movie fans."

And your superhero name?

The Pimpstress!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

PS -- how's this for a superhero name?

Mysgeek! And you won't even need the blue body paint and makeup scales.


Kid Sis said...

L- Yup.

Though I'm not emotionally available. I'm pretty much a man, baby. That's the one problem with us sci-fi unicorns is you have to convince us that dating is better than being single.

B and M: LOVE the names. Must use somehow.

B, did you get my phone message? Just making sure some other guy in LA isn't confused...

American Knight said...

Where do I sign up?

Heidi said...

And I was screeching "Exterminate! Exterminate!" all weekend. Geek unicorn girls rock!

Anonymous said...

> I'm pretty much a man, baby.

You say that as if it's a good thing. As Phil Collins, (who is truly a man), once said, "this is a land of confusion."