Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Effin' Cool

Brian's name is listed FIRST on the front page of the updated Comic-con website. I'm geeking out!

So Bri, whose palm did you grease???


Anonymous said...



Otis Frampton said...

I was thrilled to see Brian listed. He sure deserves it.


Brian Fies said...

No palms were greased. Maybe other body parts.

Otis, I'm really hoping to see you in San Diego this year. And I enjoy your blog; congratulations on your various projects and successes. More Oddly!

Kid Sis said...


Ditto, Otis.

ronnie said...

This is starting to sound serious. He's rapidly moving from "noted" through "prize-winning", "recognized", and "well-known", to "famous".

Of course, from there, can "notorious" be far behind?

Be afraid. Be very afraid.


Lynne said...

oh brian.... the perverbial casting couch?

Anonymous said...

I'm going.

kid sis -- Want to go to the Long Beach one?


Kid Sis said...

Totally afraid. We're not going to be able to live with him. ;O

Lynne, I've gots to find me that couch!

MIM, when's Long Beach? And when are we going to a flick? Friday?

Anonymous said...

kid sis --

Sorry, was sick the past couple of days. My pops is in the hospital with severe bronchitis (he had pneumonia last summer), and I sat with him all day Sunday, so I may have caught a nasty cold. Should be well enough by tomorrow or Friday.

Making my Oscar run. CC just saw Brokeback. What have you yet to see?


Kid Sis said...

Dude, nothing. I've seen nothing. Syriana, brokeback, whatever...If it came out around Christmas, it's on my list.

However, I am now well-versed in D2DVD horror films...

Anonymous said...

Good, I'm not the only one... let's figure something out for Friday, daytime?


Anonymous said...

kid sis -- Long Beach is 3/17 - 3/19. Was good-sized last year, but not as wall-to-wall insanely packed as San Diego. Want in?