Monday, July 27, 2009

You need this "luxury"

If you are looking for sunglasses or wear prescription specs...even if you're from out of MUST save your money and

The experience is described perfectly by Yelp users in this link...

The most important thoughts I want to leave with you:

1) Your glasses are on YOUR FACE. Every day. The single most important part of your body that everyone assesses you by. Whether your dateable, promotable, hireable, trustworthy, have good judgement, are likable. It's the thing that is most YOU.

2) You've never received expert customer service picking out your glasses before. Yes, even if you went to expensive places. Read these reviews and mull over your past experiences, and think how different it would be if you trusted the person in the shop as the WORLD'S EXPERT, and a PARTNER whose goal was to make you look like THE BEST YOU.

3) After falling in love with your new glasses, you'll feel embarrassed about what you've had on your face. So start now!!

4)If you're still not convinced, check out Julia Gogosha's blog of actual thrilled customers turning from ugly ducklings and frogs into swans and princes...her new before/after photos are SUBLIME ART.

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