Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rethinking Gender Bias in Theatre

The New York Times has a great, well-researched article a reader recommended that suggests there are fewer female playwrights being produced because of female gatekeepers' prejudice against them.

I have to say, it gels with many of my personal experiences in Hollywood.



The NYT article is indeed interesting and well-researched.
In Denmark, where I worked in both small off-off-theaters and at the Royal Theater (10 mil. euro budget), most of the dominant and most produced playwrights are women. But its changing, I believe, as there's a new generation of artistic managers and directors coming up, who are essentially a 'boy's club'.
What is even more incredible when you look at theater is that a vast majority of the audience is women. Wouldn't they like to see female protags? Or are they also biased, like the article suggests that female directors are?

Lynda said...

Unfortunately, gender bias is still around. I had a problem with it recently, though not with theater.