Saturday, July 18, 2009

LA Ink

I'm getting tatted by Dan Smith on July 30th. No, there's no news on if or when it will air, probably won't know until a week before the airdate.

Just have to figure out where the h to get the tattoo...for some reason everyone's freaked about my arm and what I will look like in a wedding dress.

Um, people...I don't even have a boyfriend. Cart? Horse?

And if I meet him after I get the tattoo, wouldn't we hope he would love me AND the tattoo? :)


maskedcomicdork said...

Um, tattoos are hot. Arms is okay--but (and I'm speaking aesthetics here...) I've always really liked women who accentuate a feminine area of their body (ie: a curve, a hip, the lower back, the pelvis...) with something alluring. Arm tattoos are nice and all but you'll forever change how you're perceived in public settings--guys face the same dilemma here.

I just know that I've dated a couple of women with some really well-placed body art that made me feel special that I was privy to it--which made it all the more aesthetically pleasing.

My two cents. I really like your blog and your writing voice--I'll be reading more.


Hugo Fuchs said...

Most women I've known, who haven't had them in obvious places, put them on the ankle or in an intimate spot only to be seen by lovers.