Monday, February 26, 2007

"You're always welcome in one of my beds"

Sh*t you not, I was just about to give up on tonight's Battlestar Galactica episode. This was the conversation in my head:

"Christ. Another effing SPEC episode. Who gives a rat's ass about all these new crew members? I could write a better spec episode. Maybe I should watch it. Hell, why am I the only one bitching about this season of BSG? Is there something wrong with me that I just can't get into it? What do I want? I mean, I'm not some shipper, but at this point the only thing that would make me watch would be Adama and Roslin having some dirty toaster....DID ADAMA JUST SAY "YOU'RE ALWAY WELCOME IN ONE OF MY BEDS??????"

Ufh. More pleasure out of that sentence and Madame President's priceless reaction than in the whole Oscar telecast. OMG that was good. Now I've got to stay up watch the rest of the episode.

How much you want to bet that line was Ms. Jane "effin" Espenson rocking the starship? I think it was.

Have I mentioned lately I want to be Roslin when I grow up? I think I will be. I'll make myself some Roslin/Mirren combo that all the boys want to take orders from. How fun would that would be?

"Go ahead. Take him away. That's it....I'm thinking of having a good-old-fashioned book burning."

Eff yeah, Roslin.

I had a moment during the "Woman King" episode where I wondered if the screenwriter read my blog.

Do the people who win the Oscars think the people who lost don't have God on their side? Would they still thank God if they lost? Would that still be his will? Fully expected Jennifer Hudson to spout that elitist mumbo jumbo, but Forest? Sigh.

Roslin torturning Baltar right now. OMG. "I'm dying to read the ending...Gentleman proceed..." There's Six. "Perhaps you'll consider writing a blurb for my cover."

Beautiful. Nothing makes me happier than kick-ass storytelling.

"Extortion is not an acceptable form of protest...Chief. Uh-uh. We're done."



Lynda said...

I never really got into the show. Watch the first one. It was good. Watched the episodes, but they lost me.

Oh, and I think the cable company taking away the free cable they were giving us, when all we ordered was basic, didn't help.

MIM said...

Too exhausted after Kodak Marathon to watch BSG. Praying BSG doesn't go Moonlighting now that we know Dave (Kara) and Maddie (Lee) have done what they've done.

Oh, and re: Oscars -- there's an old joke that says God doesn't care who wins a football game, but (bleep) it, Mary does, which is why Notre Dame used to win so much.

Random thought.

I'll go with Forest and Jennifer thanking God. Up to them whether they thank Him/ Her when they just squeak by the bad stuff in life.

Fave moments:

(1) Jack Black (before John C. Reilly joined him and Will Ferrell onstage): "Mark Wahlberg! (pause) Actually, I'm NOT going to fight you, man... 'cause you look like a real bad-*ss."

(2) Major outpouring of love for Mr. Gore in the monologue after a perfect set-up by Ms. Degeneres.

(3) Reese Witherspoon closing out her "Ryan is an idiot" Fashion Tour. Love the purple, although CC thought with the dark eye shadow she looked like she just got out of a fist-fight.


Brian Fies said...

Here is the acceptance speech in my head: "I'd like to thank God who made all things possible. I'm humbled to realize He clearly loves me more than he does Peter O'Toole, Meryl Streep, Eddie Murphy, innocent little Abigail Breslin, and all you other losers going straight to Hell, not to mention all the millions suffering in horrible agony throughout the world whose prayers went unanswered while God was here for me tonight. Ditto for the Indianapolis Colts."

I see Ellen's getting bad reviews this morning. I thought she was fine, and asking Spielberg to take a picture of her with Eastwood--and then criticizing his framing--was priceless.

MIM said...

Ellen did fine, i thought.

Ultimately, I could have done without the shadow dancers. I hit my fill once they contorted into the gun-silhouette logo from "The Departed"... AND fired a shadow bullet .

The first words out of my mouth were something like, "OK, I do NOT want where that bullet came out of."


Kid Sis said...

Yeah, I thought Ellen was fine, too. It's not her fault they should have cut the pointless film montages and 8 categories we don't care about from the telecast. And those silhouette dancers still beat the hell out of any Debbie Allen number, featuring Snow White or not.

Ellen's joke about Jack standing in a corner laughing at nothing was great, too.

Loved the John c Reilly song.

Who's the stupid-head who thought it was cute to mention Marl Walberg's 25 arrests during the Supporting Actor nominations?

Got the bad kind of chills when I saw what used to be the outsider wunderkinds of the 70s gathered together as The Man to give Marty his Oscar. That was downright sinister.

Frankly, my favorite moment of the evening was when Marty name-checked Ari Emmanuelle, and I put it together that THAT was how Marky Mark ended up in a Scorcese film. They share an agent. Not just any agent. Freakin' Ari from Entourage.

Fact is stranger than fiction.

Mark and C.C., since you were my Departed co-viewers, new thoughts to add to our discussion?

I still maintain it's an hour too long, Jack was miscast, it was just dumb to cut the sibling rivalry aspect, and that Infernal Affairs is embarrassingly better.

Not that I'm not happy for Mr. Scorcese. But I would prefer the Academy had just built a time machine and given him an Oscar for one of his good films.

But tell me Lis, what do you REALLY think?

Kid Sis said...

Bri, THAT'S the speech I want to hear.

MIM, the BSG Moonlighting solution appears to be never showing Kara and Adama Jr. again.

MIM said...

Hey, girlie-girl --

I still love the movie, but I think that -- forigve me -- the psychiatrist character was totally unnecessary. Why bother with the love interest if it just looks contrived and unnecessary?

You want to cement the rivalry for Matt and Leo? Fine -- give us a little more time with Jack talking to Leo about his father. Establish the sibling rivlary, and the competing pull of wanna-be father-types like Baldwin (for Matt) and Sheen (for Leo).

On the DVD, there's a great little scene from when Leo was a kid, and his dad is taking him fishing at the pier when Jack walks up.

You can tell Jack respects Leo's pops, even though he thinks he's unambitious. If they had left that flashback in (it was supposed to come in during Leo's initial interview with President Bartlett and Mark Wahlberg), it would have made the father-son idea stronger, IMO.

And I'm sorry, but how did Departed win or EDITING? It needed BETTER editing, in my own not-so-humble but very uneducated opinion.

At the very elast, could they at elast have shown Wahlberg holding up the brown envelope and showing it to Matt right before he caps him? Five freaking seconds could have solved that loose end.

Loved seeing the 70s director pantheon, but was a little freaked out that it would turn into a moment akin to when Harrison Ford announced Shakespeare in Love had won.


Kid Sis said...


I KNOW!. I'm really happy Thelma won for her body of work, and to have another woman win for Chrissakes, but again, embarrassing that this will be the piece representative of her work. Trim an hour, and tie up those lose ends we argued about afterwards. Totally think your brown envelope idea is still brilliant.

I was shocked the one producer was standing alone onstage...don't know if the rest of the Departed crowd was gobsmacked or what, but traditionally one producer speaks while the whole cast and production team stands behind hugging and making asses of themselves.

This was somewhat less festive.

MIM said...

I couldn't remember if I mentioned the envelope idea to you before or not. Sorry if I got repetitive. :-)

Oh, and saw Babel this weekend. there were parts of it that were well done, but...

(1) Was the Tokyo storyline even necessary? I just had one guy in my office say that the gun was discarded because the mother klilled herself with it. Hello, it's a Winchester .270 bolt-action rifle. I don't see how anyone can shoot themselves in the head with a freaking hunting rifle... at least, not without REALLY strong toes.

(2) The stuff with the goatherder's son and the sister. The point??????

Just some thoughts...


Kid Sis said...

MIM, totally underwhelmed by Babel.

If you go on IMDB, there's theories floating around that the point of the goatherder brother/sister incest thing proves that the Asian storyline was about the father raping the daughter, and that the rifle proves that one of of them actually killed the mom and that that's why deaf girl's note to the investigating officer was so long and disturbing to him.


Personally, I think any movie that is that unclear is not a well-crafted movie. There's a big difference between not knowing what Bill Murray whispered into Scarlett's ear, and not understanding what was intended with the above plot points and the entire Tokyo story.


Kid Sis said...

MIM said...

I am SO showing this to CC. She actually came out of Babel apologizing that she left me to watch the younguns while she went to see it on a Saturday.

I was even listening to sports radio this a.m., and my regular background-noise on-air host was saying that if it's going to cost him $20 for he and his wife to see a movie, plus $8 to partk, and $20 bucks for oversized candy and soda, he really doesn't want to get so depressed he shoots himself before the credits roll.

JUUUUST a touch extreme, but I see the argument. I go to movies to be entertained or flat-out engrossed in a story. Shoot, you and I both know that "The Constant Gardener" dealt with a bleak environment and a politically charged topic, but it was a good STORY.


ecogrrl said...

Loved the BSG episode, myself. We get the East Coast feed at my friend's, so we watched it first and Tivo'd the Oscars (I know, we are sad).

I thought Ellen was fine, too, and my favorite moments had to be Will Smith's kid destroying the award he announced, and the Valium guy. I don't remember who he was, but man...messed up and happy.

And re: Constant Gardener. I still think it's a rip it didn't win last year.

Much as I loved Little Miss Sunshine, not so sure about Alan Alda getting best supporting actor for this particular role. While you and I didn't really care for Blood Diamond, I did think Djimon Hounsou played his role quite well...although how'd you like to be that poor guy? "Hi, I'm the oppressed African in Amistad. And Blood Diamond. Is anyone out there aware that I also play other characters? Hello??"

ecogrrl said...

Oh yeah, and the "you're always welcome in one of my beds" line???


I, too, love the prez. She was phenomenal tonight. Why did it take me until this season to get hooked on the show?

Kid Sis said...

Mark, I get that. Babel was utlimtately a dark, incoherent bitchfest about privileged Americans. Not our responsibility to lob an American award at it.

Totally agree about Constant Gardner. If you want a well-crafted film that was really about something and could have changed the world, it's CG. The Crash win is embarrassing.

Meg, dearheart!

Check out these two links:

Jane Espenson

Televsion Without Pity

Better late to the BSG party than never! I'm proud you Tivo'd the Oscars to watch BSG...sounds like the right priority to me!

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

Yeah, what do you really think?

I'll tell ya what I think: the Departed actually shows, yet again, how good the Hong Kong studios are. Just like A Better Tomorrow, City on Fire and Prison on Fire are completely brilliant, I'm betting Infternal Affairs is as well. At least someone had the balls to mention it on the podium. When I saw that in the credits i went, "D'oh! No WONDER its so about family and honor!"

This was, by the way, the first Jack Nicholson performance I've enjoyed in almost 20 years. Editing didn't really impress me at all, although I didn't notice the envelope thing that you're talking about. Was that at the end on the rooftop?

I was rather shocked that they had leo and matt involved with the same woman and never connected the dots more than they did. Nor did thet work Leo's "father" back story as a counter point to jack and matt. Silly rabbits.

Oh yeah - best oscar dress - did they pour cate blanchett into that dress or what? Wow.

and, yes, like a clown, without the big floppy shoes.

MIM said...

ink -- Thanks for the input. By the envelope thing, here's what i mean: remember how Leo gave the shrink a brown envelope in the hallway before the end of the movie. And how she wrote "Costigan" on it? We never see what happens to that sucker.

If Wahlberg held up that same brown envelope at the end, right before capping Matt, I think it would have accomplished three things:

(1) Given the shrink something to do other than feel bad about her relationship with Damon;

(2) Explained how (if not necessarily why) Wahlberg got back into the story; and

(3) Been a nice parallel to Leo finding the "Citizens" envelope on Damon's desk at HQ.

OK, enough from me.


Kid Sis said...

C, check out the Fug Girls' Haiku to Cate Blancett.

Grace said...
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BnG said...

Thanking God for winning an Oscar in no way insinuates that God prefers you over the other nominees. When people thank God, they are thanking him for strength and inspiration. The people who complain about this every year really need to get over themselves and let someone who has just won the highest honor they can achieve in their career say whatever it is they'd like to say with their 45 seconds.

Kid Sis said...

Hi Grace! You exemplify the courage and inspiration of God. Everyone read Grace/BNG's brave, honest blog. She has so much to contribute.

BnG said...

I'm sorry I disagreed with you. I'll make sure it never happens again.