Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Red Doors - the movie

My friend Catherine Park is the producer of an Asian-American indie movie that's making waves at festivals. Red Doors is just finishing its theatrical realease and is coming out on DVD November 14th. Add it to your Netflix queue!

It's been quite a Cinderella story for the Red Doors movie, and the filmmakers involved seem very sweet and hardworking. They even got a TV spinoff, and though it wasn't picked it up this season they've continued to build on their successes and sell out screenings across the country. Very cool. Here's their Myspace page to add them as a friend.


Lynda said...

But I don't have NetFlix....

(On a side note, come by my blog and see what I did for Lung Cancer Awareness month.)

The Dummy said...

Very cool. Always nice to see someone's success take off.