Friday, October 20, 2006


The amazing, Spirit-Award winning film Conventioneers opens today in New York City!

Not only is it a fabulous, timely film, but it is my debut as an associate please go check it out!

If you don't live in New York, explore the website I built for now and check back to learn when it's coming to your town.

And good luck to Mora and Joel as they take a bite of the apple!


Brian said...

It's a small friggin' world! Our good friend Alek is one of the stars and his lovely wife Sara shot some of the covert convention footage :)

That's just too crazy. We'd seen a rough cut at their place some time ago, but couldn't get in to see it when it played at TriBeCa. Glad to know that it's making its return to the big screen!

Meg said...

Any way to catch it in the UK m'dear? Otherwise, I'll be in Seattle for a little while this December/January...looks really good. I Googled it and noticed that Vanity Fair gave the film a very nice review in March. Good luck!

Lynda said...

Hi, Lis.

Totally off the topic, but if you think about it, have some chocolate cake today. It is the one year anniversary of my sister's, Laurianne, death from non-smoking related lung cancer, and she loved chocolate cake. So, in her memory and to celebrate life, I am appealling to the blogging community to have cake. :)

Kid Sis said...

Brian, that's so cool! Alek is a great guy!

Meg, not sure about the UK...I'll check on it :)

Lynda, I wrote you on your blog. My thoughts are with you.