Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Last Standing Ovation

Apologies to people who've seen it done it are over it.

It's interesting to me that I find Ian McKellen soooo doable KNOWING he's a gay man, yet cringe and lose interest in poor Hugh everytime I see him embodying uncomfortably sissy behavior. Hmmmnn.

Love the fag, hate the fagginess? Guess I like ALL my males to be Alpha.

I mean, COME ON! Yum.

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MIM said...

I'm just waiting for WBros. to cast Stewart or McKellen in a Harry Potter movie already. No offesne to Micahel gambon, but I don't get the same sense of a twinkle in the eye with his portrayal of Dumbledore that Richard Harris had.

Just saw a ST;TNg rerun last night where Picard was throwing out Shakespeare quotes in a threat/ ruse to convince a Ferengi captain to return the kidnapped Mrs. Troi, and it was great comedy.

I think when X3 was being promoted at Cannes, Stewart made some mention that he was the only British actor over the age of 40 to NOT be in a Potter movie, and he asked what a guy had to do to get cast in one.

Of course, as CC points out, casting Gandalf as Dumbledore would just be TOO easy.