Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Wasn't Going to Keep Posting Here

But since most of you probably won't be checking typepad yet, guess I'm going to.

Today would have been Mom's 67th. Dealing with it okay so far. Have packed the day with a huge Pistoleras production meeting, photo shoot, and overnight visit from my dear old friend Charlie (yes, the one who save Mom's life...he's in Mom's Cancer in the beginning as the friend who used his connections to get us to the expert doctor who actually treated Mom).

So clearly denial is still my drug of choice.

Feeling a lot dizzy. Probably hung over from the two beers I had last night. I just can't drink more than one anymore.

Sadness wise...okay. Comes and goes.

Here's how I always like to remember Mom; dancing and singing to Short Skirt and a Looooong Jacket by Cake.

I want a girl with a mind like a diamond,
I want a girl who knows whats best,
I want a girl with shoes that cut,
and eyes that burn like cigerettes.

I want a girl with the right alocations,
Who is fast, and thorough, and sharpe as a tack.
Shes playing with her jewlery,
Shes putting up her hair,
Shes touring the facility
and picking up slack.
I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket.

I want a girl who gets up early, (gets up early!)
I want a girl who stays up late, (stays up late!)
I want a girl with uninterupted prosperity,
Who uses a machete, to cut through red tape.

WIth fingernails that shine like justice,
and a voice that is dark like tinted glass,
She is fast, and thorough, and sharpe as a tack.
Shes touring the facility
and picking up slack.
I want a girl with a short skirt and a long, long jacket.

(na na na na.....)

I want a girl with the smooth liquidation, (smooth liquidation!)
I want a girl with good dividends, (good dividends!)
At city bank we will meet accidently, (meet accidently!)
We start to talk when she borrows my pen.

She wants a car with a cup holder-arm rest,
She wants a car that will get her there.
Shes changing her name from Kitty to Karen,
Shes trading her MG for a white, Chrysler LaBaron
I want a girl with a short skirt and a long jacket.

(na na na na na.....)


MIM said...

Happy Birthday to your Mom. Good blessings to you and B.

I realize it may not be as happy down here, but she's probably having a good time up wherever it is that cell phones don't go off during movies and no deep-fried food leaves any fat under the wings. :)


Heidi said...

I say dance! She's so proud of you. and be sad all you need to. That never has an expiration of "ok, you should be done feeling that now."

Personally, I'll take an MG over a LeBaron any day. ;)

Jess said...

i dig your blog a lot.

...and i don't know if i'm an underdog...

but i like hotdogs.

Lynda said...

Next Thursday is my first birthday without my sister. For my sister's birthday in April, we released balloons. It was really nice. Not good for the environment, but heck.

Typepad, eh? I haven't been by for a while. Sorry! I have been stressing out about stupid stuff.

Meg said...

Hey dear,

Sorry I've been a bit absent lately. Lots going on here. I've been thinking of you all week. :)

Jill said...

I wanted to introduce myself, I am Jill, Lynne White's daughter. I also wanted to share a photo of the sunset at Lynne's Memorial Service at Sleeping Bear Dunes overlooking Lake Michigan - it's on my blog!