Thursday, August 03, 2006

Hey Guys

Sorry I've been sporadically posting. A weird combo of having inconsistent internet connection the last ten days, and being overwhelmed by writing deadlines...which is a good thing.

Gone into pre-production on "Pistoleras" and it's a little crazy. We start shooting the last week of November in New Mexico, and there's just so much to do between now and then. But it's exciting, and I'm dying to see what the director Sharri Hefner does with the script, because she did a brilliant job with our short.

Phew. Anyway, I'll keep y'all in the loop, but right now I have to finish finalizing the script so we can get it to our awesome graphic artist for the manga. Yikes. Real-world deadlines.

Have I mentioned I've viewed so many Spaghetti Westerns in the last six days, my eyes are bleeding gold bullets? I told the curious Rocket Video staff that I was writing a paper on Marxism in Italian Cinema instead of trying to explain that we're making a revisionist Second Phase European Western from an American Neo Feminist perspective melding Blue Crush and Django Kill. Which is kind of goofy, because if anybody in this town would follow that statement it would be the staff at Rocket Video. Shout out to Joe. Then again, if there were actually anybody capable of stealing this idea, it'd be employees at Rocket Video.

All this movie-cramming and I still want to marry dreamy Charles Bronson. Or at least have a ghost affair with him from noon till three. He's so jolie-laide.


Lynda said...

Oooooo. I didn't know it was being made into a movie. I want to see!

MIM said...

OK, you lsot me at Mr. Bronson. Dude reminds me WAY too much of some of my swarthier uncles from when I was a kid.


Heidi said...

pre-production?! i want to help!

ronnie said...

All I know is, I want to run right out now and adopt another cat so I can name it "Pistoleras".

Christina said...

I need my Kid Sis fix.

Meg said...

That's so awesome! Being busy for a reason is definitely good. :) Good luck with pre-production (I'm already embarrassingly excited to see it someday).

Kid Sis said...

Yea ladies, so excited you're excited! Ronnie, if you name a cat Pistoleras that is SO going in our press release. LOVE it. We might have to have a #1 fan contest like Snakes on a Plane.

MIM, ewwwww. THAT puts a crimp in my fantasy. But have you seen the Twilight Zone episode "Two" with him and Elizabeth Montgomery? Come on, he was HOT as the last man on earth.

MIM said...

Speaking as a secure, liberal, heterosexual male, allow me to say that I wouldn't consider Charles Bronson hot if you dipped his shoes in kerosene, lit him on fire, and shoved him off the back of a dune buggy outside Yuma on an August day.

Sorry. Then again, I never saw the TTZ ep you mentioned.