Friday, December 02, 2005

Preview Copy

Of Mom's Cancer arrived the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It was great timing to be able to show my cousins and aunt. It looks beautiful. Can't figure out how they were able to put such a reasonable price on a cloth-bound hardcover. If you're in LA and see me, ask me if I have it on me...I'll try to carry it around until March when you get yours!

Brian wrote nicely about the whole mixed bag of emotions of receiving it. Look under his November 26th post.

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Anonymous said...

Even given the less-than-ideal timing of it all, congratulations to you and Bren and (most obviously and especially) to Brian.

Definitely ordering it with my grand Amazon Christmas order tonight -- yeah, CC already ordered her Christmas gifts last week. I AM well behind. ;-)

Your mom may not be "here", but I do believe she's extra proud of you this week -- all of you.