Monday, December 12, 2005

Kong A Masterpiece

IMHO. My viewing companion wasn't as enthusiastic, but I loved every frame. See it in the theatre.


Patrick J. Rodio said...

I'll be catching it this week. Afraid I'm gonna tear up though, I did after I saw the '77 version. Oh, come on, I was like 5 years old!

Kid Sis said...

Oh, I TOTALLY sniffled. Stupid humans, killing off everything great. Sniff. No Old Yeller, NOOOO!!!

Anonymous said...

Saw it last night with CC.


I say again: WOW.

Personally, I thought the bits on Skull Island went a BIT long -- I actually ran to the restroom right as Brody and the others landed in Creepy Crawly Canyon, and some of the fight/ chase sequences seemed too bizarre a combination of "mind-numbing" and "utter madness," but even so...


I was actually quite impressed with Naomi Watts. You just KNOW she was doing a big chunk of acting to a green screen, and even if she had Andy Serkis working directly with her, that can't have been easy. For me, SHE SOLD IT. Barely ten words of dialogue in the last 30 minutes, and still charming as all get-out. Would have liked to see more of her after they got back to NY, but enjoyed her every minute on-screen.

I didn't cry, but I felt really bummed, so I found her believable -- although, I have to say, I've been to the ESB, and it is freaking COLD up there.

Whole movie blended classic-film hokum with top-of-the-line effects and good, modern-day tongue-in-cheek yet respectful tone.

Peter Jackson cemented his place in my personal pantheon of Lucas, Spielberg, Coppola, and almost-there Ridley Scott (still dying to see the director's cut of Kingdom of Heaven) and Peter Weir. If Peter never makes another one again, he is still a god.

Enough from me.


Anonymous said...

PS -- The last Peter reference was to Jackson, not to Weir.