Thursday, December 01, 2005

Helpful Entertainment Tips

Must see "Walk the Line" and "Prime" the theatres.

Though I would love to find that jackass' review who stated Johnny Cash would never have had a drug problem if Rose had just married him to begin with. Ex-squeeze me? And all the negative reviewers of Prime can kiss my white butt-cheeks. My audience laughed the whole way through and clapped at the credits. 'bout time we had an authentic rom-com.

Reserved recommendation of "Jesus is Magic"...matinee or rental. Still think Margaret Cho and Kathy Griffin are vying for Funniest Woman Alive, not Sarah Silverman. No comment on sad state of affairs that "woman" still has to be inserted in that title.

If you haven't seen or finished "Rome", for Zeus's sake, what the hell are you doing? Must go see it now. HBO on demand. Soooooo great, and not just because Ciarin Hinds has been a god to me since "Persuasion" and Broadway's "Closer." WHAT ENTERTAINMENT. Holy crap that was good. Can't believe they're waffling on renewing. Guess it was the 100 million dollar price tag. But really worth it HBO, really!

"Invasion" continues its slow-burn. Stephen King was right; this is the "Lost" rip-off to beat. Never would have initially predicted it. But how do you top a born-again Christian vet hacking off his newly regenerated left arm with a chainsaw to prove his worthiness to Xenu?

How? You watch any single minute of Nip/Tuck. Holy freakin' "Oops I crapped my pants." This show is insanely riveting. When it ends every Tuesday at 10:59, I just want to run around the house flapping my arms screaming NIP/TUCK!!!!! like a nutter. Haven't been this excited by a show since "Twin Peaks." Freaking fanstaaastic. Can't believe I don't know anyone watching it. Losers. So for the record, I'm clearly wrong that the Carver is Liz. That was a man's body last episode, and a tall one at that. So that eliminates half the men and Gina, and we know it's someone they all know. Gotta say, I'm going with Christian. I think he's a schizo masochist, and the scene we saw of him getting carved was some kind of "A Beautiful Mind" ploy. Why? Kimber's reaction when she was kidnapped, and writing the letter. Poor, very dead Kimber. Oh my god, and the Neo-Nazi plotline? Brilliant!

"The Shield" marathon is this weekend, so catch the Farmington goodness and Glenn Close. Soooo amazing, even the uneven episodes. Vic is Tony Soprano cubed.

"Zombie Tales." And not just because Ron Lim is a convention buddy, and I had turkey with just about everyone else. It's a great read for anyone jonesing for some more undead. The short form is really fun; you're bound to find something for you.


Anonymous said...

Allow me to recommend "How I met My Mother" on CBS Monday nights. I know, I know, I know -- a CBS sitcom?

Still, we're talking Doogie Howser as the suit-wearing scumbucket male best friend, and Alyson Hannigan (sigh) as the sweet, romantic, yet wonderfully potty-mouthed sex freak who happens to be a kindergarten teacher and engaged to the protagonist's roommate.


Fun Joel said...

Hate to be such a stickler for detail, but I can't help it! If we're talking about watching Rome, shouldn't it be "for Jupiter's sake," not for Zeus?'

Glad you liked Prime. I thought the script was pretty good, though it had some problems. I reviewed the script on my site a while back.

Good to see you posting again!

Patrick said...

Hi Elizabeth,

According to page 90 of the current TV Guide, Season Two of Rome will not arrive until March of 2007. As much as I loved viewing the episodes and eventually came to love the characters, I felt historically out of my depth. Do any of you have some reading suggestions with which I might be better prepared for the next round of episodes?

The tentative schedule of HBO programs looks a little bleak until March of next year when Season Six (part one) of The Sopranos begins on 3/12 with Season Three of Deadwood starting right around the same time. June 2006 sees Season Three of Entourage. Season Four of The Wire will air sometime in September of 2006. Part Two of Season Six of The Sopranos will be aired in January of 2006. I also thought there was a Bill Paxton series revolving around a bigamist starting soon. I've seen the commercials for it.

As far as TV suggestions are concerned, Showtime's Weed is quite good even if you've never indulged in recreational pot smoking. Showtime also has a series called Sleeper Cell coming on in the next couple weeks that sounds interesting. The L Word returns with its third season in January. NBC's The West Wing is a must watch. Also am excited to hear that Scrubs will finally return in January with two episodes airing back to back. ABC's Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy are also pretty good this year. I need to look at getting some kind of tivo system through my cable company. I'm never going to read anything again if I keep getting such wonderful programs thrown at me. What's everyone else watching these days?

Bye for now.


Kid Sis said...

MIM, delightful show. I watch it, too. Doogie rocks. Lemon rule.

FJ, okay, Jupiter. Good to see someone's reading. I don't know, my audience didn't notice any problems in the screenplay. They were too emotionally engaged!

mernitman said...

My nomination for the Carver is that one extremely troubled camper, Matt... Wild show, isn't it? I've been on it from the get because I have a couple of friends who work on it... though I must admit I have to watch the surgery scenes with one hand over my eyes.

Kid Sis said...

Huh. Matt. I discounted him last season because somehow I was thinking he was screwing Ava when another victim was carved, but maybe I got my timelines wrong...Kimber totally knew who was at the door. Did she ever meet Matt, or would she just have recognized him? Probably, and he sure was pissed AND had the opportunity, leaving the wedding party in a huff. Hmmmnnn.

Well, it's clearly not Kimber, Liz or Christian because those are the three choices on the FX website. Here I thought I was so clever. Oh well. We know the producers are too smart to make it anyone we expect. I nominate Alec Baldwin!

What a great show. So glad you watch. Tell your friends they're rockstars. My favorite writing team since Mutant Enemy scattered to the winds.