Thursday, December 08, 2005

Okay, Okay

I'm set on the hyphen usage. Thanks, all.

Mom's 358 page book is off to India to be typed by flying fingers...I just wasn't getting it done. Too hard. It will be back next week, and I'll be looking for two groups of people who want to volunteer to:

1. Proof-read part or all of Grandpa's Girl.
2. Read a chapter or two and contribute a promotional blurb for the back cover, etc.

The book is an autobiography of the year leading up to her one-year stay in a sanitarium at age seven. It's very sweet, and has lots of folksy details of growing up in South Dakota during WWII. Also poignant and full of life, just like Mom. Brian is drawing the cover; a picture of Mom sitting on her beloved Gpa's lap. (He was also featured in Mom's Cancer.)

Anyone interested? Much obliged.


Lynne said...

me me!! I'd love to read some chapters and comment, if you like.

Kid Sis said...

Of course!!!! Thank you!!!!

Amanda said...

I'll proofread. I'm a meticulous grammarian.

And I'd love to help.

Amanda said...

Yeah. You know more than one Amanda, don't you. (There is an 80% chance I'm the oldest, though.)

It's Amanda Broudo - the one to whom your brother sent the postcards.

See? I'm a good proofreader. I can't end a sentence with a preposition.

(Because a preposition is a word you should never end a sentence with.)

Anonymous said...

Count me in! Lorna

Heidi said...

I am a grammar sheriff! Happy to help proof and comment though I don't know how much a comment from little old me will matter but you can always make up credentials for me. ;)

Meg said...

I am an absolute grammar freak, but I know you have readers who are far more qualified...let me know if you need some help!

Kid Sis said...

This is great! Thank you!

No, I want comments from me this is a community grassroots kind of book!

Though I'd enjoy seeing made up credits as well :)