Monday, March 21, 2005

More Human Than Human

Okay, feeling a little better. The antibiotics have kicked in, though I'm still not great.

Turned in my script today to me section professor...still no third act! I worked on it while I was sick. I cut 20 pages and redid the first act, so the script ended up at page 78. Last week I was at 80! Aarrrrgh.

But I think it's better. Perhaps I should reserve judgement until after the delirium subsides.

I'm disappointed I didn't get it done. Hopefully, I'll still pass the class. The worst part is not getting my professor's feedback, because she's very insightful.

The full script is due next Wednesday for the UCLA contest. Cross your fingers for me that my brain fuzzies clear in time.


Anonymous said...

I can sum up what your Act Three needs in four words: "Car chase and 'splosions."

You're welcome.

Your Bro.

Kid Sis said...

Eureka! I never would have thought of that for a character- based drama! Thanks!

(Just kidding. My script is a camp comedy about transvestites, so explosions are perfect).

Andrew Ironwood said...

I thought the third act to all character-based dramas involved the tearful admission that a character we thought was someone's sibling/best friend is in reality their parent/offspring?...

Kid Sis said...

Perfect! David, the transvestite masterbarber is Raquel's mother!