Monday, March 14, 2005

Mea Culpe

Okay, sorry for not posting for so long...I'm sick as a dog (no offense, Hero). I have this nasty chest cold/flu thing going on. While the symptoms change daily, I've been feeling awful since last Wednesday.

Very bad timing, as I'm supposed to be turning in a script tomorrow to a very influential professor. Guess she can just fleck the phlegm off the pages. Procrastination doesn't work? Wish someone had told me that.

Mom is with the physical therapist right now, and we have housecleaners working on the kitchen. The amount of animal hair they're finding is truly disturbing. Guess I probably shed a little, too. We've all been stressed and emotional, but there is progress happening. Just a little overwhelming how many categories we need progress in. Alarming, really.

It will happen...just breathe......okay, don't breath that deep......

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