Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm Back

Sorry I haven't updated in a while. It's been a tough, tough week. Mom and Nurse Sis weren't thrilled about the eavesdropping exercise, which surprised me because I thought it was hysterical.

And then, you may notice the post after that was deleted completely. I was nowhere near Highland and Hollywood ever. Suffice it to say, I hurt a friend's feelings by posting an extremely innocuous and short mention of events, mostly based on my feelings, and certainly revealing nothing not already in general knowledge in the public. I even waited until Monday after the telecast thinking that would be fine. I got a hysterical phone call Wednesday accusing me of all sorts of purposeful meanness and a demand to delete the entry, which I did gladly. However, I'm still shell-shocked. I mean, this is a tiny diary blog where I talk about what happens in my life. I'm not a reporter, it's not seen by millions of fact, I am a frequent contibutor to the huge website Aint it Cool, and if I'd wanted to fuck over my friend, believe me I could have.

It was even stranger to me, because I was a member of the SAG nominating committee this past season and attended about three dozen events with Q & As and tight security, and was certainly never expected to maintain some clandestine oath.

It's just all part of the strangeness going on in our country where we're supposed to ignore everything going on around us. God forbid anybody mention that the current climate is paralleling the witch hunt of the 1950s. Don't talk about what you think, see, or do, or someone is going to turn you in.

Did you read about the poor kid who wrote a fictional zombie piece and was arrested for terrorist threats?

Anyway, I haven't been posting because there is nothing I'm allowed to say.

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Anonymous said...

I was fired for a job because I did some talking about it on my blog. You really do have to be careful. People are super-paranoid about lawsuits, especially in this town, where so many people have money to burn on expensive lawyers. It's all part of their vast efforts to inflate their own self-importance.