Thursday, March 17, 2005

Eisner Awards

Soooo excited right now, I'm vibrating. A friend in the comics industry (what, you didn't know I was a humongous fanboy?) emailed me information to pass on to big bro. Seems the Eisner Awards may be opening up a Web Comic category this year, if the submissions are adequate.

Can you imagine if Moms Cancer won an Eisner? I could faint right now. I mean, not only would it be a dream come true for big bro (and me by vicarious living) but it would bring so much deserved attention to the comic. And how cool to go back to Comicon as a nominee!

It's great that the comic is going to be serialized in a San Diego paper and that so many people view it online, but the fam would really love to see it published by someone big enough to get it out there. Would loooove to see a copy of it in every doctor's office.

I have half a mind to post the entrant lady's email here and ask you all to tell her why it's a worthy entry, but I'm a little worried a deluge might backfire. I'll wait until big bro tells me what to do.



Anonymous said...

Your brother deserves many accolades for his work. I hope that if there is an Eisner award for webcomics, he will be the first winner.

Also, I can relate to your story about your grandma. I'm looking forward to reading more here.

Kid Sis said...

Thanks! And you are...come on, don't be shy!

Pretty amazing that he would go down in the record books as the first winner. Wow.

Check his website tomorrow...he'll be making a very big announcement soon! And he's going to meet Alex Ross! I'm so geeking out...

Radiodad said...

Oh, my name is Don. I would have commented under my Blogger name the first time, but I actually forgot what it was :-(. I mostly have the account to post comments, like I did here.

Kid Sis said...

Hi Don, thanks for writing. It's good to meet someone who's captured the American Dream...getting paid to spin records AND drink Mountain Dew!

I can't believe your blog entry about schools eliminating red pens...they do get that the stressful part isn't the color, but that it symbolizes an error? You can't eliminate mistakes if you want kids to learn. Numskulls.

Kid Sis said...

What is wrong with me? Whose, not who's. Red pen, red pen!!!!