Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Soooo cute

I'm staying at my best friend's house in San Jose while we do sound in Emmeryville, and she's six months pregnant with her first child. A daughter. Name has changed a few times, so no working title right now. Anyway, she is so cute...all morning she's been going through boxes nesting, totally single focused...I want to hire her to come do my house!

And no, I have no biological urges to have a baby watching her. I'm a total freak of nature. But I'm stoked to be an aunt again!


spacemonqui said...

Why did you wait to get up there? You totally missed out on WonderCon-I even saw your "Mr. Tummus" there(well, the "Last King of Scotland" guy-I can't ever figure if you're hung up on him or just a guy with cloven hooves who drinks tea) he got the fangirl Sinatra-at-the-Capitol Theater treatment they give to Gerard Butler, Hugh Jackman et al) & a swell "Iron Man" presentation. The Bay Area is never funner than when you're couch surfung, moondoggie

Lynda said...

When my sister was pregnant, she ended up cleaning my whole house. lol.