Monday, February 25, 2008


Got shot down on 2 different booty calls last night (still haven't picked a boyfriend, so trying to play it safe emotionally). The 24 year old didn't respond, and the hot smart one I almost dated in January (who stood me up for our first date - twice) was busy with taxes and putting his kid to bed and was really worried we'd end up hurting each other emotionally. Probably true. I just couldn't have cared less. Just wanted to hook my leg around his shoulder.

Ack ack ack.

I leave at 2 pm to go back up north into sound and color correction sessions all week, and I'm a walking mess. I don't know how you guys got anything done in your early 20s. Life is the pits when you actually NEED sex and can't get it.

I can't concentrate at all, and if someone said "boo" to me right now, I'd jump ten feet like a cartoon character. Can you actually see me vibrating with nerves and anxiety over the web? I bet you can. Only the most important week of my life and I'm fucked now in the wrong way...

Oh, and Captain Awesome/Mr. Tumnus?

Got up the balls to call him this weekend in San Diego. His phone is disconnected.

You missed seeing me sob the way I did when I mom died.


Kevin Church said...

Wait, wait, men are turning you DOWN?

Fuck men, then, he said rhymingly.

legallyblonde said...

Not nice to stand you up on a date. That is his problem. Not your problem. Read an interesting article in the Oprah magazine the other day about writing a list of things you want in a man. Did you read that article? The author was Martha Beck.

Kid Sis said...

KC, I am ALWAYS turned down. Across the board. Makes me angry everytime I read that bs about guys want women to hit on them.

LB, is it online? I have to read that!!! Thank you. Yeah, I'm over the relationship idea with him, that's why I was thinking one night stand...but he's entrenched in friendship, and i get that. That's cool. Sigh. Shame, I think he had a prayer of effing Captain Awesome out of my system...

legallyblonde said...

The article is called Magic List.

Hope the link works!

Booty calls! How brave of you! Thought about booty calls myself.


Kid Sis said...

LB, i don't recommend them...they don't feel good when men initiate them, and I'm not finding men respond affirmatively when I initiate them. Like our choices with who to date, sex seems to be limited for women to who is already interested, then we get to say yes or now. Blah.

Thanks for the link!!!!