Saturday, October 20, 2007

Love scene

Had a lot of questions about how it went great. Rewrote the scene for a man instead of a boy and cast my friend Trevor Murphy from Conventioneers, who is beyond rad. He was a total pro, oodles of fun, handled me great, and the scenes are so hot. Good deal.

Yes, I'm nude in the film. Once you see my whole backside getting out of a pool, and then when I seduce Trevor's character you see my double d's for five seconds for the foreign markets. Doing my part to sell the film, and show average-sized women are goddesses of love, too.

And now I must play the Hollywood selling game and drop 25 pounds. I'm going to try my 4 Hour Work Weekdude's two plans if you want to join me. Be done in time for Thanksgiving!

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