Saturday, October 06, 2007


Oh lord. Just had to send a notice to everyone that I'm a casting a 20 year old luvah. You know...for a love scene with MY character.


UPDATE: Whoa. Getting some unexpected responses to the ad I sent out into the webiverse.

Really unexpected. I'll put it here under comments for you to read. I was just being my normal jackhole self, and somehow it became a very effective personal ad.

Huh. Cool.

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Kid Sis said...

As sent out into the world...

Well, this is embarassing. I swear it's legit.

I'm producing the NON-UNION feature film "The Commune"

and am casting a very hot young guy (preferably 20s, but will consider 30s for this and as a potential life partner) for a love scene (and speaking part) to shoot next Saturday October 13th. Probably would take 3 hours max. He's also needed for about 45 minutes on Friday. Possible nudity if he's game. And yes, the love scene is with me. *Cringe*.

We're already on IMDB, so credit would be forthcoming in a matter of weeks.

The last movie I was a producer on won an Independent Spirit Award. So this isn't shooting in the Valley as Boogie Knights 2:MILFs. That's my next film when this tanks because no one wants to see me with a twenty-year old.

Please pass on to appropriate parties, don't report me to the cops they already know about me, and if you're interested/insane send a pic and resume.

That is all.

And then my contact info. And...I have been contacted.