Monday, September 03, 2007

Good news

Looks like two of my favorite directors and masters of horror are back in fine form again.
Stuart Gordon's Stuck
Dario Argento's Mother of Tears
Can't wait!

And the bad frakkin news? Oh my god BSGers, we are waiting a looong, Sopranoesque time to get to earth. Effin sci-fi network is on my last nerve.

Also, please rent the BBC series Shameless. Great semi-autobiographical series about the showrunner's low-class but loving upbringing. The acting and writing are flawless, and the subject matter is raunchy, warm, funny, amazing mix of family life with uncensored sexuality in a humanist and sexy way that HBO and Showtime don't get because of their use of sex and swearing as shock value.

Good reminder, as is Dr. Who, that cheaper digital TV shows work just fine when you care about the subjects. And it gives auteurs the freedom to be real, uncensored, use male nudity, and elucidate the human experience...that little thing storytelling is all about, lest we forget.

Added bonus? You get to watch one of my favorite people on the planet fall in love with the woman he made his wife. They have an amazing relationship to emulate in reel and real life. Looking for a guy who looks at me like that, talks about me like that, thinks about me like that...

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