Tuesday, September 04, 2007

End of the world

If you could only take one more vacation ever, where would you want to be?

Michael and I were thriftshopping and eating sushi in Japantown yesterday, and we both instantly answered Paris. We just can't understand why anyone wouldn't love Paris. The best food in the world. Amazing art. The buildings are made out of gold for Chrissakes.

He says the best partying is in Berlin, but if there were a nuclear bomb or asteroid hitting the earth and I had a teleporter, I'd go out in Paris.

Heidi and I are manifesting some free, clever way to get to Glastonbury to renew after the shoot ends, or go stay at Master Cho's temple a little while to meditate and unwind in Asia...short of swallowing a drug-stuffed condom, we'll figure out a way.


Lynda said...

I would go to Italy.

Kid Sis said...

So would Heidi!

When are you going to be in SR? Email me!