Monday, October 31, 2005

Here's the new hair. Lots of layers and shorter and all that jazz. Mom would have liked it; she was always on me to cut my hair. Liked my Dana Delany circa China Beach bob the best. Posted by Picasa


Lynne said...

You look beautiful. I like the layers, and the Dana Delaney thing is too severe for you, you're more of a feathered bird. I think you're right, your mom would probably love it. You look very grown up, classy, yet free.


Meg said...

Gawgeous, dahling! :) You are one fine lady!

Kid Sis said...

Well, thank you ladies!

Of course the next day when I shampooed and felt seven inches gone, I did the classic I-just-got-a-haircut-and-am-crying-about-it-in-the-shower routine. Women must look like strange creatures to our menfolk.

But I'm used to no ponytail-ability now, and am really starting to like how quick it is to blowdry.

Lynne, I always thought the DD thing was too harsh for me, too! Thank you!

ronnie said...

I [heart] the new hair.

ronnie (behind on reading posts and comments)

LeMorse said...

I think it looks amazing