Thursday, October 20, 2005


Okey dokey. Back in town, but not up to speed. Need to do laundry, pay bills, sleep a little. The Memorial went great. I promise to give details and pictures soon, when my mind de-mushes. The animals are fine, the house is fine, TiVo worked, Nurse Sis and I are alive and not basketcases, everyone thought the Memorial was classy and happy and perfect. So, job well done. My favorite comments were that Mom was cool and kind. It was an amazing gathering of people celebrating her life.

I'm so sorry I've been slacking on personal responses to comments. I have read them, and they've meant the world to me.

And yes, I look exactly like my Mom. You'll really freak out when you see more of the pix of her in her thirties. Genes are a crazy thing. And I'm a lucky girl, even if I didn't get her model heighth. (wait til you see her modeling pictures! Those legs!)

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