Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Superhero Holidays

Honest Trailers - a healthy addiction. Here's the Screen Junkies' take on *plotholes in The Dark Night Rises.

*Blogger helpfully suggested "potholes" become "plot hoes"...and I agree, two hoes are a large part of Bruce Wayne's 99 problems. Smart Blogger!


The gals of Happy Looks Good On You teach us how to make our very own fancy big Superhero Balls.

And she's got big balls, but we've got the biggest balls of them all...

What do you think? Are the Screen Junkies right, or do you diehard love TDKR? Are you going to make your very own Superhero Balls for Xmas?

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Anonymous said...

TDKR has the same sort of plot holes that other great-trilogy enders have had. For example:

Return of the Jedi - How did the Ewoks manage to get the logs high enough to swing and bash the heads of AT-ST walkers? If the shield generator explosionw as so massive, shouldn't Han and the gang been crispa-Greedoed? Why was Luke stupid enough to dump the saber while the Emperor was still upright?

Return of the King - You're about to take on Sauron and his legions on their home turf of Mordor... and you dismiss the unstoppable ghost army into the ether. Right...

Indy and the Last Crusade - There's enough petroleum in the Venice sewer to set the catacombs ablaze, but (a) you can open your eyes underwater, and (b) the outdoor plaza where Indy escapes to shows no sign of this.
PLUS, if you step on the wrong letter in the "Word of God" test, your foot falls through, BUT you can still hold onto other letters and climb back up?