Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Beat cancer with the ugly sweater stick

Are you seeing more Ugly Christmas Sweaters than usual this holiday season? 

Hopefully it's due to this ingenious anti-cancer fundraiser.

I wouldn't say fugging for charity is painless, but it's surely a fun way to get people's attention and dineros. You can get pledges for as many days as you dare, throw an ugly sweater party, or just make it rain cash while maintaining your sartorial style. Choose! Cake or death!

Who knows what good your fundraising could might save a superhero's life.


Are you in The Tribe? Just a quarter awesome like me? If you're feeling like a Lonely Jew on Christmas waiting for Mr. Hankey's questionable love...No problem!

YOU can proudly purchase a Hideous Hanukkah Sweater to become a cancer superhero!

This week I've felt pissed off at our USA jingoistic corporations. During my midnight trips to avoid the zombie holiday hordes, I've noticed stores' (Target, Rite Aid, CVS, Big Lots) paltry four-foot section of Chanukah goods are: 

1. lame 
2. still full price, while all the Christmas Crap is already 20%-50% off weeks in advance. 

Even at the Rite Aid smack dab on Beverly Hills' Bedford Drive. 

Circumcised Dickheads! 

Makes me feel like staging my own Yoko Ono Protest Scream:


Need to feel better about cancer or other injustices in your life? 

Here is Pajiba's arbitrary list of The 13 Most Satisfying Revenge Movies.


Are you going to wear a fugly to f*ck cancer? Will you stream a revenge movie tonight? Let us know below!

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