Saturday, March 17, 2012


Remember that photo of Hero we thought was sooooo funny over the top?
Hero's thought bubble: "And jazz hands!...Ha cha cha cha cha!"

Well I may not have room to talk:

Lis's thought bubble: "And jazz hands!...Ha cha cha cha cha!"

Oh dear. Well, the other three were happy to be there too, I swear!! It was a lovely dinner.

On the left is Michael Jacobs, screenwriter of the awesome HALLOWEEN 5 and producer of the harrowing Sundance hit NANKING (Co-starring my friend from high school Hugo Armstrong, whose thriller OK GOOD just premiered at Slamdance.). In the middle is mentor Steve De Jarnatt, writer/director of MIRACLE MILE and CHERRY 2000 (which we were on our way to see at the Egyptian's fantastic retrospective honoring Steve!!!). And my dear friend Deepika Daggubati, writer/director of WAKING DREAMS.

It was a fantastic night. I was blown away seeing the 35mm print of MIRACLE MILE, which you know is one of my favorite movies of all time. Just absolutely gorgeous.

The cherry on top is that somehow the American Cinemateque people tracked down the CHERRY 2000 print...that was the first time Steve had seen it in a theatre! The story is that there are only four prints left, and Joe Dante has one of them. But ours Thursday night came from a studio. I really enjoyed seeing it again, and so appreciated the crazy-ass stunts, retro-future sets/costumes, and Melanie Griffith's badass Mad Max-esque character.

The vibe in the theatre was really awesome. It was great to see Steve's Q&A, hear the fans tell him what the movies mean to him, and nice to see Stuart Gordon again.

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Morleysaurus said...

Amazing...and hysterical pic of Hero! Heehee. Huzzah to hanging out with Stuart Gordon as well, totally jealous, haha. xo