Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Scrutinize - a new Fies Sisters short covered by Chuck Norris Ate My Baby

With one of the most badass titles on the web, Matt at Chuck Norris Ate My Baby is a writer we have long admired for his terrific coverage and analysis of all things genre. Matt writes with eloquence and humor about the old and the new, the big and the indie, and is always entertaining. Check out this gem he unearthed: How VCRs Destroyed America's Youth

The Fies Sisters are honored to have our first YouTube release SCRUTINIZE covered by the man, the legend, the Chuck-tamer himself. Who wouldn't feel thrilled to hear this about their work:

"But what I think I dig the most about Scrutinize is the idea itself and how it's executed. It grabs your attention and keeps you wondering where it might go, only to have a genuinely smart and very fun reveal in the end."

Check out the awesome article here! Become a member of Matt's blog. The Fies Sisters highly recommend it because Chucktober is coming!

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Matt-suzaka said...

You are simply too kind, me lady! Thanks so very much for the love; it's very much appreciated from a talent such as yourself!