Friday, August 26, 2011

Dire stats show terrible truth behind women on/making TV

I'm constantly trying to convince women outside of Hollywood or looking to break into Hollywood how difficult it is and how the numbers are going backwards. Here's proof: "Women Lose Ground as TV Writers"

Seriously, don't move to L.A. Stay where you are and make media there. If you're in a different country, odds are fantastic you'll get government funding. And even if you live in what you think is a backwards town in the U.S., I promise you it's less sexist and sleazy than Hollywood. You don't need Hollywood anymore to make and distribute your voice. Don't believe the B.S. tinseltown dream of getting famous or making riches...barely anyone here even makes a living. If you're in it for the right reason of expressing yourself, nothing can stop you...IF you stay where you a re and stop asking Hollywood for acceptance and permission.


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