Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy 30th


Chris said...

30 YEARS????

Fuck, I'm old.

inkdestroyedmybrush said...

Ok, lets talk about had different that is: its clearly taken from footage that hasn't been corrected or even evolved beyond the rough edit. Note the different voice on C3PO, the different edit on the Mos Eisley bar fight, the lack of R2D2's chirps, the lack of yellow logo in even the proper font and, of course, most glaringly, the lack of any John Williams music. (And yet, the TIE fighters's sound is right, as is the lightsabre activation sound)

And we wonder if the studio had any confidence in what there were sure would be an 8 million dollar disaster. This is practically a trailer that says: "We know taht there are a few of you stupid sci fi geeks out there, and, yes many of you actually went to watch Solaris, but this really is only a film for you, so don't wait to long to go check it out."

Man, they didn't know what they they had, and they were going to bury it.