Monday, March 12, 2007

Damn it's good to be a cylon

For the 3 readers out there who watch Battlestar Galactica, here's the Season 3 Gag Reel. Stay til the end to hear the closing song.

By the way, news on Jane Espenson's blog. She's been promoted to BSG's Co-Executive Producer. That's sort of a good news/bad news situation for us. Clearly, the show's taken a dive this season...Classic case of David and Ron's interest in other projects (Caprica) making them less involved. Bringing on a CEP backs up this suspicion. The good news is, Jane is aces. So maybe our last season, with only 13 episodes (sniff*) will be all sandwich and no spam (and a little less on the nose, please gods?). Either way, won't know until January 2008.


Zep said...

I didn't check your blog for quite a while - I'm sorry. I am German. That means: We got no "Mom's Cancer" version and no BSG here. (O.k. we got this terribly dubbed version on TV, but it's delivered one year too late.) If you need help in localizing MC, I'm able (and experienced) to help.

Kid Sis said...

Hi Zep! Thanks for writing.

Hey, you DO have Mom's Cancer! It's called Mutter Hat Krebs! My brother has details on the official blog:

Mike Lynch said...

Yeah, BSG is still spinning some good yarns -- but it's a wobbly spin now. Thanks for the BSG reel. I dodn't know for sure that Moore & co. were distracted by the new CAPRICA rollout -- but assume you are closer to the source.

Regardless, some great laughs in that BSG gag reel. It'll be sad to see the show go, which it may very well do, after its next season.

I'm now off to explore more of this, a great blog by Brian's little sis!

Kid Sis said...

Hi Mike! Thanks for stopping by!

Here's some more inside info on David's whereabouts:

Zep said...

Thank you for this hint! As I read your answer some small pieces fell in the right places in my memory and I remembered "Mutter hat Krebs."
Thank you. BTW: Maybe I am an extreme nitpicker, but I just noticed that you got a typo in your title - it's "Wikipedia".
Someone told me about a typo I had on my blog, and I really felt really bad about it. 2005: The year of the spelling mistake, that's how I refer to it...