Tuesday, November 28, 2006


The very word sends shivers down my spine.

Since August, Team Pistoleras has had a movie production meeting every Tuesday afternoon. And everytime I go over the list of things to do, the hold ups are caused by vendors who don't do what they say they're going to do.

And I found this in corporate life, too. You can give them respect, titles, copious paychecks, and they'll still have you on your knees begging and sobbing like a little bitch.

God dammit.

Our line producer says I'm great at delegating, but I swear to Beetlejuice, it always feels like we end up doing everything ourselves and they get everything for nothing.

This is my fantasy:


Sal Calleros said...

Ah, yes, vendors. As a former corporate drone, I can say yes, they are a pain in the ass and must all be hung by their toes.

Lynda said...

It just annoys me when people don't do their job.

I work for a vendor, but I try to make sure my corporate people are happy. Now the big company behind the curtain...well, I can't speak for them.