Thursday, November 02, 2006

Champagne Time!

Slept three hours because I was up writing. Locked the PISTOLERAS script down today.

Heidi and Tara are giving it today to a movie star and an A-list composer.

Holy crap. I'm not invisible anymore. People are reading my work.


Tomorrow we send it out to friends for blurb requests. Aaron is back in NYC raising the money.

Pistoleras is out in the world.

Rock on.


Meg said...

I have the bracelet on now, chica. Congrats - this is so damn cool. :) Good luck with it all!

MIM said...


Heidi said...

It's on its way! Excellent work. I'llbe ready for champagne next week!

Lynda said...

How exciting! It is a great story.

So, what time should I be at the party?