Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Women in Horror Recognition Month

My sister Brenda Fies and I have been working hard the last two months on our shorts; DISTRAUGHT and CONSUMED. They will both World Premier in two locations February 27th: Texas at the PRETTY SCARY BLOOD BATH Festival, Atlanta at the WOMEN IN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL.

Our LA debut will be in April at the VISCERA FILM FESTIVAL.

GHOULS ON FILM in the UK will be showing THE COMMUNE trailer, and we have upcoming screenings of THE COMMUNE in Washington April 10th, in Tahoe and in Ohio this spring.
Feeling so happy and accomplished! Too much fun :) Thanks for all the support!



Jay Faerber said...

Is that Washington state, or Washington DC?

Kid Sis said...

Oh cool! It's STATE! I'll have more details soon :)

Andrew Ironwood said...

PLEASE tweet or hollar at me when THE COMMUNE's Ohio screening comes up on the event horizon -- I should move HEAVEN AND EARTH!!! to attend such as that (...ok, wouldja believe I'd get my car outta the garage?...)