Sunday, January 24, 2010

My daily shot of terror

My Google Alerts, more often then not, are filled with bad news. Here's one I got today. Nothing like being quoted out of another language...of a highly sexualized yet repressed partriarchal society.

Elisabeth Fies (kidsis)님의 트위터
트위터메뉴. 홈 · 검색 · 동네 · 사람찾기 · 도구 · 도움말 · 로그인. kidsis. Elisabeth Fies. 내글들. Peppy little spooge vacuum. Better Off Ted uncensored. ...

That WAS a really funny link to an uncensored bit from TV show Better Off Ted. Sigh. Now it's an advertisement for me to be a mail order bride.



Marty Nozz said...

A mail order bride!

That's such a great song. >.<

Lynda said...

Maybe this falls under any publicity is good publicity?


Rowan said...

At least you're not named Snooki.

그러나 두 가지 이름 변환하지 않습니다.

You most awesome director-san.

Kid Sis said...


Oh lordy. Poor poor snooki...

joe said...

'peppy little spooge vacuum'