Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mark Stolaroff on Paramount's new microbudget division

Great article.

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Firefly Games said...

Thanks for the link! Interesting counterpoint to the Paramount news. I just added it to a post on my blog from earlier today on the whole micro-budget boom.

Patrick Sweeney
I Blame Ninjas

Hugo Fuchs said...

Reminds me of their Independent Film division. Anyone want to bet that they end up going WAY over budget?

Besides, considering the number of good low-cost indy films to the number of bad low-cost indy films and you'll find that, if they're lucky, they'll manage to have one make back the money. The other nine we'll have to suffer through.

They'd be better off buying films, like yours and other completed indy films, when they're good for a few million and put them in alot of theaters.