Thursday, June 14, 2007

I say god daaaaam!

Rescue Me was on fire last night. Freaking love this TV renaissance. This is more exciting than living in Dickens's time. And series creator Peter Tolan now places right below David Lynch as Best Director Cameo. Sooooo great. But they better drop that boring insurance scam plot and get back to Tommy talking to dead people.

What did you guys think of The Shield finale? I thought it was tooooo much pipe-laying. I wanted more sex, violence, tension, shit hitting the fan...give me something more than the promise of the final showdown with Vic and Shane! The Dutch moment was sweet, but everytime I look at him I see him killing that kitty. How could the show just move on from that? I don't like it when writers adapt that angle of The Sopranos and X-Files...more unrewarded details, just like life. Too much for my head.

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