Sunday, April 08, 2007

Green-eyed bunny rabbits

You guys know that every year, I have a movie or two that make me ill wishing I'd been a part of it. Last fall it was "Special", last year it was "Brick", the year before "Thumbsucker" and "Mean Creak". And before that it was "All the Real Girls".

I distinctly remember these experiences. They leave that bitter taste of failure in my mouth, where I recognize brilliance and regret it almost could have come from me. My indie price range, a distinctive voice, some truth I gel with...and I shift around in my theatre seat, cursing myself. Same reason I don't want to go to the ballet again. FAILURE.

Okay, so this is getting I'm down to a MOMENT I envy...

Today I saw "Blades of Glory". I haven't laughed that hard in a theatre since I saw "There's Something About Mary." I had a hell of a good time. Until they played Queen's "Flash Gordon" theme.

God dammit Baby Jesus, why on your birthday? Flash Gordon was the first album I ever bought, and as GENIUS as it was to have it be the final couples routine for "Blades of Glory", I wish I'd been the filmmaker who got to use it first...

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shecanfilmit said...

I lived on figure skating performances as a child and skated on a pond every morning in the winter before school. (I grew up in the mountains of Colorado.) I know EXACTLY how you feel. I wish I had worked on this film too. My boyfriend didn't want to go with me and even he was laughing out loud throughout. The scene where the brother-sister act recreated the relationship between JFK and Marilyn killed me.